Ball photos

Saturday 12th April
Photographs courtesy Stewart Burgess

Show ball speech

To distinguished guests,

Patron , Mr Mervyn Mclean and his wife Lorraine, To our Life Members, To the Committee, To Members, to Donors and Supporters, Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls. Welcome to the 2014 Crows Nest Heritage Bank Show Ball.

We are all individual's to a District, families to a Region, A Community in a State, the greatest State , in the best Country in the World,. As a community of individuals we all strive for the improvement of our well being, to recognise our cultures, our success, learn from our failures.

The Crows Nest Agricultural Horticultural and Industrial Society as a group of Members, Volunteers and Supporters, request no difference.

The Society looks forward to presenting to you tonight's Show Ball and the upcoming 2014 Crows Nest Heritage Bank Show on the 10th of May . Our success will not be from the efforts of an individual, but the combined hard work and dedication from Members, Volunteers, Donors and Supporters of a Community, and to the Community I thank you.

To those who would like to contribute in the future, I welcome you.

Although our success will be judged by individuals, previous performance s will be forgotten and replaced by our last effort. If our last performance was great, we strive to make 2014 Show and Ball even greater. If it was not to your standard or liking, we welcome you aboard to help the organisations future success. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

We as an organisation await the Community's verdict as we again strive for a successful night and future show.

I would like to take the opportunity to thanks those who have contributed towards tonight's success. To tonight's major Sponsors, Warren and Gillian Fowler of Crows Nest Tire Service, The Heritage Bank and Anne and Neil Lomas of High County Herald.

We wish our senior show girl all the success in the future, and that you as an individual are satisfied with your own success. To the junior girls, that you enjoy the night and that we see you at future senior competitions. To the Miss princesses, to my knowledge , you have been part of a section never to be previously held at a Crows Nest Show Ball .To the Show Girl Coordinator, Vanessa Thankyou. To members of the Society who have also rallied to ensure a successful night. Thank you as well.

Thankyou to the judges Jeff and Lisa McDonald and Loret Burnett for accepting my invitation and that the night has been and continues to be an enjoyable experience . Thanks for your contribution to ensuring the traditions of such an occasion are carried on with high regard. You are alloutstanding and respected citizens and we welcome you into our community.

To all present, Please enjoy your night, Thanks for being a part of a community event, come and enjoy the Show on the 10th May, and that you all make it safely to your prospective destination tonight.


2014 Show Ball presedent speech