President Athol Gossow delivered his Annual Report in September - a good snapshot of what the Crow's Nest Show Society has achieved in the last year.


It is both an honour and a privilege that I am about to report on what a successful year the Crows Nest AH& I Society has had. I believe in many ways we have successfully delivered the written objectives of our Society

  • To ensure promotion of Agricultural and Industrial excellence
  • To own and maintain an outdoor community recreational venue
  • To promote social and cultural value
  • To maintain continued success involving youth of the district for future growth of valued traditions

As a society we cannot continue to exist without the dedication of our many volunteers, many are not members of our society, to our member whose membership is just as important as the time individuals spend directly volunteering their precious time to the organisation. To the Committee whose extra added interest in decision making continues to ensure that we run the society in a democratic environment. To the efforts of our Secretary (Jodie Ryan) and retired Treasurer (Christine Close), without you contribution we would struggle to meet our society objectives.

My personal thanks to Selwyn Stark, immediate Past President and current Senior Vice President, for his continued contributions to this Society on a weekly occurrence, His efforts to the society well beyond his current role within the organisation. For his help and communication I thank Him. These comments are not to be seen as singling out any member of the Committee. As a Committee in the past twelve months we have made decisions to ensure a positive future for the Society and the Grounds.

The upgrading of the electrical infrastructure will ensure the safety of Patrons as the old over head power system was many years passed its use by date (the forward planning of previous committees need to be acknowledged).Our successful application to the Queensland Government gaming funding will again prior to our next show see vast improvement to Patrons safety as we upgrade power and Lighting to the entrance to the grounds. In relation to Grants /Funding/donations, that this Society receives, I wish to thank all involved. Without your contributions and support, simply the society would struggle to survive. The volunteer's contribution to this organisation is unbelievable. To all involved Thankyou.

I understand that to get the balance right is virtually impossible. The balance between what one expects and what one receives is completely different between individuals. We are often in a position, Dammed if we do Dammed if we don't.. It is how we react to peoples concerns to me is as important as to the concern it self. I feel this year we have been successful in ensuring that people understanding the position we take and we understand what repercussions that can occur.

To those who have made the hard discussions, I feel that as President, The society has made the correct discussions to ensure its long term viability. As President, I have found my time rewarding, the positives that we bring to the Community as a community Society is much larger than any one can imagine unless you have held this position.

Thank you,

Athol Gossow - President