It never ceases to amaze me the power of a Tradition. The Show Movement, I feel has resisted a move to political correctness and equality. We are proud to sash a champion; we understand that a win this week does not necessarily mean continued success for weeks, months or years later. In a majority, most results are based that of “One Mans Opinion On the Day”

From this we live, learn and understand respect;

Respect for a competition
Respect for a winner or looser
Respect for knowledge and experience
Respect for both older and younger generation

I welcome you to the 113th Crows Nest Show. With respect I would like to personally thank the many hours of volunteer labour that is required to organise and run such a community event. My position as President is very rewarding due to the contribution of our Committee, Members, Volunteers, the many businesses and individuals that ensure the Show’s success though in -kind and monetary donations. Without your contributions we would not be able to stage such a great local Show. I wish the competitors the very best, may you respect the Judge’s decision, learn from the experience, find the experience rewarding and that we again see you in future years. I invite the public to attend and enjoy what I see a legacy to future generations.

Athol Gossow
Crows Nest A H and I Society Inc