Presidents welcome

We are all individual's to a District, to a Region, to a State, to a Country, to a World, to a Universe. As a community of individuals we all strive for the improvement of our well being, our culture, our contribution and our success.

The Crows Nest Agricultural Horticultural and Industrial Society as a group of Members, Volunteers and Supporters, request no difference.

We look forward to presenting another Show, The 2014 Crows Nest Heritage Bank Show. Our success will not be from an individual, but the combined hard work and dedication from a community, and to the community I thank you. To those who would like to contribute in the future, I welcome you.

Although success will be judged by individuals, previous performance success will be forgotten and replaced by our last effort. If our last performance was great, we strive to make 2014 Show even greater. We as an organisation await the Community's verdict as we again strive for a successful show and future.

Crows Nest Agricultural , Horticultural and Industrial Society Inc