To download, print and fill out a paper form for 2015 membership, please see the full schedule page of which the schedule itself contains a renewal of membership application for your use.

Alternatively, please click the button below to use the online (electronic) version of this years renewal of membership form.

Crow's Nest A.H. & I Society Inc

PO Box 120
Crows Nest Qld 4355

ABN: 752 486 501 82

Showground at showtime: 07 4698 1308
President: Athol Gossow 07 4698 4135
Secretary: Barry Miller 0409 874 147
Treasurer: Tom Archer 07 4698 4999


Membership of the Crow's Nest AH&I Society Inc is once again upon us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past support of our show and welcome you again as a member.

Membership entitles you to:

  1. entry to the Show;
  2. admittance to the Show Ball;
  3. attend monthly meetings;
  4. receive minutes/newsletters by mail or email.

Membership fees are due and payable by 14th March 2014.

We ask that you complete and return the form below with your application fees so our records are kept up to date.

Payment methods

A tax invoice receipting payment will be issued along with your Membership Card.

Please choose your preferred option...